Data Governance

Enterprise Data Governance

Have you wondered where your customers' PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is hiding in your applications? Will you be able to retrieve and destroy as required to be compliant with laws such as PDPA/ GDPR/ CCPA? Worried about the risk exposure... Email if you need any assistance in choosing a tool or technology or framework.

SSOT - Single Source of TruthDW - Data WarehouseDL - Data Lake

Building Data LAKES

Build your Data Warehouses and Data Lakes with our Data Ingestion Software - Floodgate; for 99 dollars a Table. Incrementally build it as you please; one database at a time or one table at a time to discover benefits at scale, as you envision. Deliver data as in source for your data scientists to play with, in 3 distinct zones:

  • Landing

  • Raw

  • Trusted (SSOT via DW/DL)